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Linden Hall Library: Tomb B

B Frescoes

Summary of Death

Rosameia and her people, who were all female, were fighting against an all male tribe that lived on the coast of modern day Sicily. They had a war and when they were fighting on the coast of Sicily, she had gotten stabbed my one of the men. She was stabbed with a spear in her chest that broke many of her ribs. The manner of death is homicide and the cause of death was being stabbed in the chest. The mechanism of death is undetermined.


All of our frescos show scenes related to Rosameia’s lifeThese frescos depict scenes about her everyday life including scenes with her daughter, religious practices and social activities.  

B Bones


Rosameia lived on an island by the name of Gynescia, which is modern day Malta. Being a small island surrounded by several larger islands, Genescia, an all women island, had to fend for themselves. Occasional trades and relationships occurred with Andrenesica, an all men island located in modern day Sicily. Genesesia had a focused religion, Tomatoeism. Rosameia and her people had a sea based culture.  

B Text

Social Personae

Rosameia was well known in the Bronze Age as a priestess, a warrior, and the leader of the women island Gynescia (located on Modern day Malta). Gynescia was an all women island who worshipped the sea goddess TomatoaRosameia was chosen by Tomatoa to be her “ultimate priestess” and her messenger on GynesciaTomatoa communicated through Rosameia in order to talk to the women on the island. Rosameia was a courageous woman and dedicated her whole life to helping her island thrive in a very difficult time. Her island had received a letter from the corresponding man island, Andrescia, that declared war, and whichever island won the war would rule over both of the islands.