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Linden Hall Library: Frequently Asked Questions About Summer Reading & Varsity Readers Program

Summer Reading & Varsity Reader FAQ

  1. I am graduating but I would still like to be a Varsity Reader, am I eligible for the t-shirt? Yes, if you read and record the minimum number of 1000 pages you can receive a shirt. Mrs. Rhoades will mail it to you when the shirts are distributed on campus. 
  2. Can I choose any book I want to fulfill the Summer Reading requirement? Yes. You choose what you would like to read. You must record a minimum of 250 pages on the Microsoft form and be prepared to informally talk about one of the books you read. You will just have to tell 2 students in your grade / class what you liked or didn't like about the book (you can write down what you want to say, just please remember not to tell what happens at the end). The event will occur during a class meeting (date to be announced in the future). 
  3. When should I record the pages I have read? Returning and new students please use the forms located on this page to record the pages you have read. It is recommended that you record the book pages right after you are finished reading, but if that is not convenient for you, you can keep track of your books / pages and add them all at once (each book will require you complete a separate form). A deadline for page submissions will be sent out at a later date (after school starts in the fall). 
  4. Do I have to write an essay or do a project for any of the books over the summer? No. 
  5. Where can I access free books to read from home? Begin your search here... If you have access, borrow eBooks from your local public library. 
  6. I like to read on my Kindle or using the Kindle app, but I can't see the number of pages in my eBook to record it? Please look the book title up on Amazon or another bookseller site and locate the number of pages in a print edition. Use that number to record pages read on the form.