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Linden Hall Library: Shelve Books

Dewey Decimal System

The Linden Hall Library organizes books using the Dewey Decimal system. The system categorizes books as follows...

B                Biography - Organized by the Last Name of the Person, ex. B OBAMA

FIC             Fiction - Organized by the Last Name of the Author (First 3 Letters) & Then by Title
GN             Graphic Novels - Organized by the Last Name of the Author (First 3 Letters) & Then by Title

Nonfiction books are organized by subject, which is indicated by a Dewey Decimal Number

000–099    General Works

100–199    Philosophy & Psychology
200–299    Religion
300–399    Social Sciences
400–499    Languages, Dictionaries
500–599    Natural Sciences & Mathematics
600–699    Technology & Inventions
700–799    Arts (Architecture, Painting, Photography, Theatre, etc.)
800–899    Literature, Plays, Poetry, Literary Cricitism
900–999    Geography, History, Collective Biography



Shelving Tutorial

Shelving Checklist

  • Check call numbers around the book being shelved
  • Bring all books to the edge of the shelf
  • If the shelf is too full, shift the books to make more space. Please make sure to keep the books in order.
  • Make sure each shelf has a bookend
  • If you are not sure where a book belongs, ask Mrs. Rhoades