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Linden Hall Library: Shelf Reading

Shelf Reading

"Shelf Reading" is one of the ways that Library Aides help keep the collection organized. Mrs. Rhoades will maintain a binder that will have a printed list of the order in which the books should appear on the library shelves. Library Aides use this list to check the shelves to make sure that books are in the correct call number order. This practice is essential to keeping the book shelves organized. 

On shelf reading sheet you are working on, please note the following information:

  • Place your initials next to the starting call number (the first call number read)
  • Place your initials next to the ending call number (last call number read)

On your Library Aide log sheet please enter the following information:

  • Date
  • Start time
  • End time

Please consider the following when reading your section:

  • Is the item in the right place when compared to it's "neighbors?"

  • If yes, continue reading.

  • If no, remove the item and determine where it should go.
    • Items that are only slightly out of place can be immediately reshelved. Example: 364.66 before 364.7
    • Items that are "far from home" should be brought to the Library Desk. Example: if 364.66 is found in the 646.6 section, the item may have been previously marked as missing and should be checked in.
  • Is the call number label damaged or otherwise illegible?

  • If no, continue reading.
  • If yes, bring the item to the Library Desk for processing.
  • Blocking

  • Books should remain upright and remain in line with each other on the shelves. This process is called blocking. 
  • Eliminate large gaps between books.
  • Shelf reading and blocking go hand in hand. Do them together.